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How do I start my ride?

New to Handlebikes? Follow these steps and you'll be on your way in less than a minute!

1. Download the Handlebikes app from the Apple App Store / Play Store

2. From the main menu, select “Memberships” and type in the name of your program. You can find this information from your property / office manager or at the signage in the docking station.


3.  Register your work email, then type in the 4 digit code sent to you. You’re in!

4. Scan the QR code on the Handlebikes to unlock the vehicle.


5. Check Accept Terms and Waiver, and ride safe!

6. Please refer to the "Operating Zone" marked on the map in the app, to see where you can ride. Please do not ride outside of this marked area. There are also zones colored red within the operating zone, that are either "No Go Zones" or "No Parking Zones". Please avoid these zones. When riding e-Bikes or e-Scooters, the ride will automatically end if you enter a "No Go Zone", and you will be unable to end a trip in a "No Parking Zone".

7. When you've finished or paused your trip, always park the bike safely where it will not interfere with driving, traffic, pedestrian walkways and fire hydrants.

8. To end your ride click on the end ride button at your screen. Make sure to lock the vehicle with the built in cable through the dock and you’re all done!

Find A Handlebikes Vehicle

Download our app to see where your nearest Handlebikes can be found.

Get Ready

Scan the QR code on the vehicle.

To Start

For a smoother ride, adjust the seat height

Before you go Just pull firmly on the brake lever on the handlebars.


Ride by the Rules

Check the local road rules in the app. Be sure where you can and cannot ride before you set off. And remember, always give priority to pedestrians. Ride Kind!


Park Well

Always park your Handlebikes in a visible public place so the next rider can find it easily, and don't obstruct the pavement.

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